Our Story

Lucas and Abby Teunissen

Hi There! Welcome to Perfectly Unblended. First created as a way to share recipes that cater to both a flavor loving husband and a health conscious wife, the intent of this blog has transformed. Now the aim of this blog is to share our lives with you, no matter how unblended they may be.

The He

My high school sweetheart, Lucas, is now my husband of just over 7 months. Standing at a rugged 6’2″, 170 pounds, he is athletic yet slender. His shaggy dark blonde hair is just as unruly and magical as his personality. His heart is like pure Gold. He is content, fun-loving, hard-working, thoughtful and down right genius. He loves Math and all things that make “sense”. Procrastination could be his middle name. He likes a good beer now and then, or a weak mixed drink. He is (mostly) extroverted.

The She

I am the slightly neurotic yet very creative side of our relationship. I am type A, I like a bit of order accented with just a touch of crazy. I am very introverted (read here for more on intro/extroversion, it’s some good stuff). I am a cleaning machine who loves all things that smell “clean” (you just know). I don’t let tasks go unfinished for long. I manage the bills, am the computer nerd of the fam, I have a slight addiction to daily exercise (anyone who every tried to get in the way of a workout knows what I mean), and I have a perpetual Jimminy Cricket that keeps me very honest. I grew up in a hard-working family that never forgot to say “I love you” everyday. I am a softie and often am too empathetic for my liking. Evidence stems from my youth when I had to sleep with all 22 of my stuffed animals because, “the others would feel sad if I left them in the toybox.” I love the driest red wines and hate all things beer. A strong mixed drink is a close second to wine.

Us, (Un)blended

Although on paper we seem like night and day, we are like two peas in a pod. Our differences blend in an uncanny way. While we are quite different and our tastes differ in many things, there are a few key similarities:

  • We are both quite weird
  • We are just two months apart in age, currently both 22
  • We both like to just be home
  • We both avoid people we know when out and about
  • We both like to sing badly on purpose, very loudly
  • We both love action movies and romantic comedies
  • We both love the Lakers and hate, HATE the Heat
  • We both love kids

Somehow, our differences blend in a wonderfully unbalanced and unique way, bringing you Perfectly Unblended.

Through this blog, we will share our life with you. We know that many couples share the same unique qualities as we do, so we want to share how we make things work.

Whew! Still with us? We hope so. We can’t wait to share with you!

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